About Us

Hello! I am glad you have found Belper’s Youth Council’s Website well. Here you will find updates of our meetings, goals that we work towards and most importantly contact information so your voice can be heard.


It has been an incredible journey being part of the growth of Belper Town’s Youth Council, striving to give the youth of Belper a voice. We are currently in our second year of Youth Council and despite the disruption we have faced due to Covid-19 we have not let it stop us and we have adapted quickly-now meeting virtually. The youth council is currently compromised of 14 members, all young people who represent different schools, communities and clubs.


The Youth Council was formed in 2019, and was a new and exciting experience for all of us. Many of us had not met before, but we quickly established great working friendships and have learned valuable skills through the process of working together. We are supported by the Town Council, who allow us the freedom to explore our own ideas and always listen carefully to these ideas. Being part of the youth council has been very eye-opening for us all, not only discussing new ideas but also learning how Belper Town Council is run and how ideas become reality.


We believe that everyone, no matter their race, sexuality, gender, social group or any other factors, deserves a voice and the right to lead a fulfilling life. Our generation, more than ever has become involved in politics and how things are being run. The youth council gives us a chance to stand up for what we believe is right. We also believe that marginalised groups of people, deserve to have their voice amplified. Equality, acceptance and humanity are vital in ensuring our aim to make Belper abetter place.